PAC Account

Pay at Closing

  • 15 minutes
  • Online Application

Service Description

Qualifications: Any firm, office or team that books 15+ Photography shoots per month (cumulative of ALL agents in group) will qualify for a PAC account. The accounts are verified every quarter to remain active and in good standing. (ie. Month 1 = 30 bookings, Month 2 = 0 bookings and month 3 = 15. The account is active and threshold met for the quarter based on month 1 and 3 bookings. In addition, we will review on a 3, 6 or 12 month rolling in an effort to assist our clients in keeping the account active.) To activate, each account needs to have 15 bookings through Digital Depiction in the last 45 days. If the group does not have 15 bookings from Agents already working with Digital Depiction then their account will active following the 15th booking. Process: 1) Under services at you can select and book the PAC. 2) You will immediately be emailed; to the email on file, the form to fill out for processing. 3) Complete "Apply Now" link with in the email and your account will be processed with in 48 hours. 4) You will receive an email from Digital Depiction that has your main group account code and information to forward to all of the Agent group members to receive their personal member codes. 5) Each Agent will register from the email you receive and forward and then will receive an email with a personal unique group code to use for their bookings and invoicing.

Cancellation Policy

Payment Policy:  Unless you have a net 30 account or a PAC (pay at closing) account with Digital Depiction set up prior to your booking of services, we require that all bookings be paid for in full at least 3 hours prior to appointment time to prevent your booking from falling off the schedule and being cancelled. Net 30 accounts are invoiced and due 30 days following the booking appointment, upon closing or when terminated or withdrawn, which ever comes first. PAC accounts are invoiced and due at the closing of the listing, 60 days after booking appointment or when listing is terminated or withdrawn, which ever comes first. Cancellation Policy:   We require a cancellation to be made 24 hours before your appointment time.  This can be done through your portal on our website by viewing your bookings and either rescheduling or cancelling.    Any appointments that have been paid for but are cancelled prior to the 24 hours will be fully refunded.  If cancelation occurs after the 24 hour cut off, you can reschedule or cancel by calling us to make the changes to your account however, there is a $25 cancellation/rescheduling fee applied to the account. Copyright Notice:  All images provided are, unless otherwise stated in writing, owned exclusively by Digital Depiction and protected by copyright.  Upon payment of the agreed consideration for services rendered, the client receives a one-time license to use the images provided in their marketing materials.  Extended licenses may also be negotiated for future use, but are neither implied nor granted, unless specifically granted by Digital Depiction in writing.

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